Start where you are!

We all know that making positive changes in our lives is bloody hard. All those things that we know are good for us and those that we’ve always wanted to try – somehow they never really happen. Ever wondered why? When you think of it, most of us are all held back by the same thing.

Fear of failure.

Deep down we all fear being ridiculed, we get discouraged if we don’t succeed immediately. We quit jogging on the first day because we’re out of breath within 10 minutes. We don’t start that language course because we believe others will mock our heavy accent. We take ourselves so damn seriously we can’t accept the fact that failing is one of the natural outcomes of trying. Now, I’ll let you in on a secret: you probably won’t get it right the first time, and that’s ok.

What you’re probably thinking right now is something along these lines: “I’m not afraid, it’s just that the timing isn’t right.” Or “Whoa there, lady. I never fail, I’m just not ready yet.” And here’s the point: you won’t be ready and the timing will never be better. Instead of waiting for the perfect moment, just start where you are, use what you have. This quote has been doing rounds on the internet lately and I couldn’t agree more with what Arthur Ashe is saying here.

The Minor Expert Mission

This is where Minor Expert comes in. Inspired by an episode of Gretchen Rubin’s Happier podcast (you can listen to it here), I decided to use my teaching and project management experience and start a blog. I want to encourage you to become a minor expert at something, to learn a new skill just for fun and master it without the fear of failure. It might be the history of your hometown, or high intensity training. Something useful, like business English, or entertaining, let’s say… Bollywood movies! I won’t judge you if you don’t succeed – but I’ll be disappointed if you don’t try.

On this blog I’ll be exploring all kinds of inspirational stuff that might help you find your new passion. As my personal interests vary a great deal (from horror fiction podcasts and postmodern American literature, to anti-money laundering and computer programming), I’ll make sure there’s something for everyone. I’ll also be posting productivity tips, time-management ideas, and mind tricks that should keep you motivated and focused. In the future I’d love to do interviews with some amazing, highly-driven people I was lucky enough to meet in Warsaw, London, NYC, and Singapore, so stay tuned. And to show you that I really walk the walk, I’ll be posting updates on how my own daily struggle with becoming a minor expert in computer coding is going.

See you soon!